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Life Is A Mountain Range Ring Workshop


Life Is A Mountain Range Ring Workshop

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This ring workshop titled 'Life is a mountain range ring workshop' is to remind us that life is like a series of challenges. We struggle with one challenge which feels like struggling up a mountain.  When we get to the top and overcome that challenge we may feel a sense of achievement and enjoy the view of non suffering.  Then we can  find ourselves at the bottom of a new challenge and be faced by a brand new mountain to climb. However it is through each challenge that we learn and grow and become stronger and wiser and truly know what its like to be human. And the view is always the best when you get to the top.

In this workshop you can choose to make your mountain range ring in either all silver or a combination of silver and copper (maybe if your suffering arthritis ). You can oxidise the mountains or not, its up to you. You will make the whole ring from scratch using a variety of jewellery and silversmithing techniques and use various metal punches to stamp designs onto the surface if you wish to.

If you would like to add a gold star there is an extra cost

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Kaz Slessor-Pavely - Kent

Excellent experience

My husband and I completed this session just today, and we are both so pleased with the results. It really is a craft experience, to measure the materials out, choose how you're going to personalise it and then make it all in one session! Wendy is so easy to work with, and helps only when needed, we'll definitely be back!