Part Time Jewellery Making Course

Part 1.9 Silver Sand Casting With Furnace

Part 1.9 Silver Sand Casting With Furnace

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Part 1 Session 9 : Silver Sand Casting With Furnace

In this session you will make a silver item using the sand casting technique. You will cast your item using molten silver from a furnace and use different techniques to finish it to a polished finish.


Option A : Using the tiny star or moon supplied file and sand it to a finished state and solder it onto one of your wire rings.

Option B : File and sand your 2 copper hearts.

Option A and B : Design a piece of jewellery that you would like to make for the mixed metal session. Design a few options ranging in complexity so that you can discuss with Wendy in the next session what is achievable in the time. The metals can include silver, copper and brass sheet or silver and copper wire. You can use any textures such as design stamps or hammer textures or add melted bobbles to your design. When designing your piece think of the subject first and sketch shapes and forms. From these then develop them into designs thinking about construction and design elements. The aim is to develop a design development process of your own style. 

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