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Stars Earring Workshop - To help with depression, anxiety and grief

Stars Earring Workshop - To help with depression, anxiety and grief

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This workshop is approximately 2 - 21/2 hours long. It is a good taster workshop to do if you are thinking of doing the longer ring, pendant or bangle workshops but your a little unsure.

The aim of this workshop is to make a pair of earrings which has significant meaning to you and will help you to find more peace in your mind. It can be used to train the mind in how to step out of its unhelpful and negative thought patterns by reminding us to create more moments of being in awareness. The star design will act as a reminder to you to take little moments of the day to stop what you are doing and observe how the mind is behaving and take time out for non thought. A moment to just look up at the sky and observe the clouds, a moment  to look up at the chimney pots and observe the birds sat there or a moment to listen to the birds. These tiny moments called wisdom drop ins can be done throughout the day which help to create space and peace in our minds. Over time these expanded mindful moments train the mind away from its negativity and helps us to see situations differently and cope better with them. You will also make your earrings  using relevant gemstones such as Smokey Quartz, Citrine and Clear Quartz with their traditional healing properties.

You will also find that the jewellery making process is also very therapeutic and is a wonderful form of mindfulness. You will start from scratch using sheet metal and use various die cutting punches and design stamps to personalise your earrings before adding your gemstone.

The gemstones used have been carefully selected with their traditional healing properties.


Smoky Quartz

Clear Qaurtz

The workshop is held in Wendy's tranquil studio with 2 - 4 people.

 Free tea and coffee is available to help yourself to. If you wish to book this workshop please see the booking page for available dates.

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